Live music doesn't come more joyful than The Freebirds show - the most fun you can have with your clothes on!


The beating heart of this super tight band of multi-instrumentalists are three close friends - Stevie, Tom and Ben - whose energy and on-stage charisma is simply electric. Combined together, their flair for creativity and love for the music translates straight to the dance floor. Stick them under a pergola with some acoustic guitars and Hawaiian shirts and they'll work their magic on your wedding afternoon, or add a blistering horn section, funky bass and pounding percussion and they'll have your guests dancing under the stars. Their party set wanders across the decades, from '50s rock n roll that will have your dad rediscovering his glory days to singalong noughties indie-pop for the nostalgic millennials, and everything in between. Who says you have to choose between The Kinks and The Killers? The song these guys can't play has yet to be written, and the guest who can resist their charms is yet to be born.


Fall in love with The Freebirds and book them for a party you'll never forget. 


Vocalist/Songwriter, Obsessed with Rock n Roll acts like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Eddie Cochran. Has collaborated and written with artists such as  A.M.E, Jamie T, Simon Tong, Youth and Alpines. The guitarst and other lead vocalist of the band. Ambitious in putting a different spin on known songs them whilst keeping the familiarity everybody knows and loves.


A solo artist in his own right with a number one hit in Japan and a wealth of original material, Stevie is incredible force on and off the stage. His passion for swing/blues, well crafted pop music and spontaneity, brings a sparkle and smile to all.



Ben has been a professional drummer since the age of sixteen. He is the powerhouse of the group and a drummer with an incredible falsetto vocal tone for harmonies. His love for Tower of Power and Fleetwood Mac adds great variety and bridges the gap between the genres of music.




Keys + Guitar + Drums. This line-up offers incredible value for it's lightweight size. All three members are singer-instrumentalists, delivering all your favourite songs with their own natural charm, featuring stunning harmonies, backing vocals, and relaxed energy - perfect for a events requiring a lounge, background or canapes-style set.


As per the 3 piece, plus saxophone. Works beautifully for both canapes set and party set.



As per the 4 piece, plus bass guitar. This is the preferred line up for a blistering party set to get all your guests up and dancing!


As per the 5 piece line up, plus a second guitar, trumpet and percussion. The Freebirds ultimate party machine!


The band can also add a female vocalist and instrumentalist to their line ups, diversifying their setlist and energy on stage even more.



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